Fanpage - 100K likes - Dog related (German Shepards) - US/CA/AU/UK over 50%

Country of followers (majority): US
Amount of followers: 100K+
Topic/Niche: Dogs
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


I will make this quick.

The Good:

  • Older audience.
  • Dog-related page, a sought after niche.
  • No violations on Page Quality.

The Bad:

  • Even though the page has a loyal fanbase, the activity is below average. I didn’t try a video yet, I believe videos should do better. I am willing to give it a test shot if someone sends me a safe video that won’t get the page in trouble.
  • Monetization issues.

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Please PM BIN price?

No BIN yet, but @RandyMarsh offered 800 USD for it.

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I confirm this message

OMG you’re such a liar.

Current offer, 750. Give me 800 and this is yours (taking last msgs until Monday noon, CET). Now that I look at the stats, it seems that the page may have been hit with some kinds of algo-throttle in April, as the reach went down.

Similar thing happened in Feb.

Stats from April looked better:

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What is best offer now ?

Link please

Still the same.

@neat - Selling this today, you wanted an update.

yes please


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