Fanpage - 396K likes - Mostly women (80%) from US/UK/CA/AU - Generic niche

Country of followers (majority): USofA
Amount of followers: 396000
Topic/Niche: Generic, long title Fanpage that got popular back when pages got popular for almost no reason other than a funny title.
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

This is one of those dormant pages that wasn’t used for years. It only became popular thanks to the title + a few posts. It hasn’t been posted to for a loooooong time. I did four test posts and they did pretty well! Purchased from the original owner. AdBreaks not eligible yet.

I am promoting this topic to test the response of our new feature.


Wow using your power to promote your own listing

Do you want me to pay for it? :smiley:

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Haha with great power comes great responsibility :joy:


Handle pls

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Link and best offer yet

Unpopular opinion : If this doesn’t get sold in 2 days. You should do the Giveaway.

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Also add, engagement is bad and it don’t deserve premium tag :stuck_out_tongue:

Revoke it @RandyMarsh

@RandyMarsh is busy buying . Do not disturb.


Na uh. The posts keep doing better.

If this doesn’t get sold in 2 days. You should do the Giveaway.

I do this sometimes, but daddy needs a new lawn on his new property, I need some monies.

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If you purchase this from me today, we will waive the SWAPD fee!

Can you please share the page url and the price range you’re expecting for this page?

Will do once you ID verify. Thank you!

To people who keep PMing me with “why is this page so inactive” questions, please read the description. The page wasn’t posted to for 6 years, and my last four test posts have now reached 73K people. Hardly inactive :slight_smile:

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FYI: This page is 10 years old, you hardly find pages that have been established for so long. it has survived everything, safe to say that the buyer will be golden if he can get going on Ad-breaks.

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Pm handle and best price please

lmao I kinda thought your memes sux but then I realized it’s just 83% women

Is there any C/O? This is ripe for a rebrand.

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Link and best offer

can u pm link and price

Handle please