Fanpage - 517 000 likes - 50% tier-one countries + US top - Celeb/quote related - With some work, AdBreaks are possible

Country of followers (majority): 155K from US.
Amount of followers: Total over 500K.
Topic/Niche: Quotes made by a particular celeb.
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic.

The page has been dormant for years and old stats aren’t shown (maybe it was unpublished?) Anyway, my three recent test posts did really well, and with some work the page is eligible for AdBreaks. Nothing much I can say other than the followers are good, the activity is showing signs of hope, and the majority of these followers are women. @MediaBoy can rename this baby to anything you want so if you feel like taking on a project, this is for you.


Wow. 10 mins and no offers, worst, site, ever.

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100% agree, like wtf, must be fake people

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I’ll give you an offer… $20 but you must cover Swapd fees

smh… im off to scamswap.

I think a guy called @RandyMarsh runs that one


trash page

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Spell check properly :yawning_face: edited the title

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Thanks @MediaBoy.

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PM link please

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Link and price


Had an offer for 900 USD but user is 50/50 about it. So, still for sale!

Who’s the celeb?

can i get the link

Can I get a link please

I think this is sold, @dixie. If anything changes, I will let you know.

If for some reason it fails, let me know the link and price too. Good luck.

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Why is it always like that? The property is under a ticket and you get “oh I could have offered more!”


Under a ticket. Closing.