Fanpage - 93670 likes - UK Fans - Christmas related - 4.7m reach this month

Property type: Fanpage
Amount of fans/followers: 93k
Country of followers (majority): Nearly everyone is from UK
Topic/Niche: Christmas products
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No engagement networks, but a trick was used to gain the fans.
Price: Best offer.

Purchased this from the original owner today. This fanpage has a little baggage, meaning that the fans were fooled into liking the page. I was fascinated how the page got so popular so quick (don’t use this as a blueprint, it’s an unethical method), as the page is just 2-3 months old. Long story short, the original owner created a Christmas related fanpage, he bought a boosted post and promised to give away a 250 GBP voucher to a single winner. All fans had to do is share it on their wall. He targeted older women in the UK, and the results were almost instant. The page went super-nova viral in 5-8 days, netting nearly 100K fans. However, Facebook caught up and deleted the post and unpublished the page. Not sure how, the page got unpublished a few days later, and it is currently in working order. The reach has dropped at the moment, but since all these fans are fresh, you can bet that with the right content this page will be quite active.

PM me your offers.

please dm url

Still available. Received a few offers however I am looking for more.

Pm UrL

pm’d :slight_smile:

I’m interested, please send me the URL and how much

Please send me url and highest bid.

Is this still available? please send me the Url and highest bid

send link!

Price and URL please

Currently at 600 USD. Will most likely pick the highest offer tomorrow.

Last call for 600 USD. Getting rid of this today.

SOLD! Thanks me for using SWAPD!