Fanpage - 960,000 likes - Mobile app (game) related - International Mix (430K English speaking) - 500 USD

Country of followers (majority): India/Egypt
Amount of fans/followers: 960,000
Topic/Niche: Mobile app
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Unknown, but most likely organic.

Description: Purchased this from a young lady who was the original owner. The audience isn’t premium, but over 400K users speak English. As seen from my test posts from last night, the users do understand and appreciate English. The page has an odd name not fitting to the topic, and that’s because the young lady tried to rebrand the page a while ago, changed the name to something totally non-related, then tried to change the name back. Facebook refused the name change, but she submitted so many requests (see screenshots) that Facebook got pissed off and banned namechanges + merges on this page. The page is about a very popular mobile app game, but I tested humor content as that always goes the best. The page was unpublished for years and was just recently reinstated, so there are no previous stats to show for.

Link please :slight_smile:

Updated price.

pm me link and last price please

Links sent.

No longer for sale. Will list this on