Fanpage reachs drop drastically, maybe a flagged but not completely 0 reach

Dear our beloved family,
We have a very good fanpage but recent days it has been dropping in reach so hard ~ 80%. The reach seems to stop shortly when we create a post on our page…
I reached out to FB support but they said there is nothing wrong with my fanpage.

But I do believe that it is something wrong while our reach dropped so hard compared to it of other relatively similar ones.
Do you guys have any idea about this kind of flagged. We posting good content, links, images and video.
But recently we updated our hosting, so thumbnail have problems but we only were able to debug a small number of our links. Is this a problem leading to being flagged too?
Please respond us how to fix it according to your exp. We are badly in need of helppppp now

Thank you very much

We are having the same issue. I think it has something to do their “new” police. Flagging scraped contents.

Check it out here.

We have as well faced this issue with our one page after the facebook announced its recent changes in newsfeed distribution but we were able to get it fixed within 3-4 days.
For this we tried these steps and they worked out:
1- We stopped posting on the page and removed all the past links (we usually remove them monthly)
2- after completing the step one we contacted the facebook support and asked them why we are facing such low reach even though we posting only good content and with good time gaps.
3- we received a reply from them as you got that there is no problem they see but we then sent them the insights and they told us it can be due to the holiday period (around thanksgiving) and then we decided to ignore them.

But after 3 days when we resumed the posting the reach got better like before.

I am not really sure which helped stopping to post or contacting the support with insights but it helped.

Hey there,

How did you contact the support team?