Fanspage 308K+

Country of followers (majority): MEXICO
Amount of followers: 308K+
Topic/Niche: Love quotes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic + share

Description: I sell page in excellent conditions, does not have any block of facebook

If you post a link, do you get reach?
Many pages with that audience (Mexico) has that problem.
If we buy pages we want to monetize them, not to post photos, so we need to know what’s the reach on links.

Reach is Zero, at the best times is smth around 300-700 (Very rare)

I bought a page from this guy (211k fans) and the reach of links is nonexistent.
And he didn’t mentioned this at all when I asked him before buying his page.

Pay attention from this seller

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Just wondering, what do you mean by links

External links ,articles from websites.

I have 1.5 Mill the fans majority from Mexico about soccer. When we post a link do not get big reach But after the a little test with my fans I changed a video content because my videos get reach and my new plan is going to use Ad break, I think we will avoid the post links for now.

Possible questionable seller badge? @Swapd

Yeap that would be great.

Another measure is, that after the checkout ticket is open it should be mandatory to test all kind of posts that buyer request, especially links. Right now sellers don’t accept to test links.

Another way to check the quality of sellers and of the properties is to open a sub forum where buyers leave their reviews on the properties they bought here on @swapd

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Sorry, I am on vacation until 20th. @Jason, please look into this matter.

Send link :wink:

Send link

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