Fast Instagram Username Claims [Media Portal]

Service type: Instagram Username Claim and Verified Username Changes

Description: Hi Swapd Users!

I’m expanding my Instagram username request service in swapd and offering the cheapest onsite! For public figures, athlete, musician, media agencies, large companies, government profiles etc…NO FRESHIE CLAIMS ONLY FOR EXISTING ACCOUNTS IN LISTED NICHES.

I have great support that can help me with Instagram and Facebook username requests.

The time frame required to process the request depends on the team’s intensity. Usually the request is concluded within 1-8 hours. I am able to do @ requests onto to verified pages without the page losing verification as well.

Information I need from you to make a request:

Current Username

Desired Username

The email address associated with the current username


The desired username must be 6 character or more.

The username shouldn’t be generic (things like ‘cat’, ‘pizza’, or generic first/last names like ‘david’, ‘jake’)

This service is for public figures and media agencies only.

Any questions please send me a PM.


I am looking for the service but for an account I am purchasing. Can you help?

No I’m sorry I can’t help. I don’t do requests for any jacked or purchased accounts.

My last verified name change request was done in one hour offsite yesterday

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Brxx, with all do respect, we don’t jack stuff. :wink: Thanks

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I wasn’t accusing you! I was just clarifying for any future people who inquire :slight_smile:

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Was kidding, Good luck. This is a great place here. It will be great if you can find a solution for the Jacked guys too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck with sales!


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Not to trash this but bumping so often you will get in trouble since admins/mods request 24/48h minimum waiting time based on the services.
Also I am confused you been messaging every seller who claims usernames requesting their service who most of them have more expensive prices than you.
Not that you are not allowed to use them but requesting to buy something that you offer as a service looks weird

Anyway GLWS

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I need generic OG claims, which isn’t a service I offer.


First review, three username claims done onsite so far. All completed within an hour of submission!


Come get your dream usernames!


Bring me some orders for Monday!

This service is only for public figures, media companies, etc.

Good luck!

I will try a freshie claim

I sent PM

I will try a freshie claim

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