FASTEST 6 Char+ Non-Generic IG Claims

Welcome! I’ll be providing the fastest 6 character Non-generic IG Handle Claims on Swapd!

Pricing starting at just $2,000+ ! PM to start ticket :slight_smile:

Can you claim words or shorter then 6 characters?: As of now we’re only offering to claim Non-Generic words so nothing like “John” “Cool” “Important” or any Generic words.

Can you claim to a certain account?: Yes! We’re able to claim the username onto fresh accounts, placeholders provided, and verified accounts.

How long does it take?: Once submitted, the claim can take from 1 hour to up to 24 hours. Super fast!

Are these usernames claimed the right way?: Yes! All of the usernames are claimed through a proper source so you never have to worry about your account getting banned or flagged.