Fastest and Safest Instagram Username Swapping Service [100% Success Rate] [14 Day Bypass]

This service provides you the ability to have an Instagram username safely “transferred” also known as swapped, onto a new account or another account that you own.

You might ask why this service exists or what is the benefit to it?
There are many people in the world that have programs called “turbos” or “auto-claimers” that target a list of words that are all usernames on Instagram, if you were to manually try to change your username there is a very very high chance that your username will be taken by someone with one of those programs. Hence why I am here providing this service. I have one of the best and fastest tools to help you safely transfer your username to a different account. People also like to have their usernames transferred to fresh accounts (that I provide with uncreated OGE) so that they have and own the signup email registered to their Instagram account.

Disclaimer: In order for you username to be successfully swapped it must not have been swapped or attempted to be in the last 14 days.

How the service works:
You provide the login credentials to the username that you want swapped.
You pay the desired fee that we discuss.
I will swap the username to the type of account that you would like it on (fresh or personal).
You can login and see that the username is now on the other account.

This depends on the username you want swapped and if you want it swapped to a fresh account or an account that you already own/can provide.

Payment Method:
Bitcoin, and Bitcoin only.
I do not and will not accept anything else for the time being.

Terms of Service:
All swaps are a risk, but I will ensure my best to successfully swap your handle.
Therefore in the case of a loss, the service fee will be reimbursed but not the value of the handle.
I will not take any responsibility of what happens to the username or the email once it is in your hands.


User is highly reputable and has swapped some top tier handles for me. Vouch from me. Good luck with sales buddy.

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Thanks man appreciate it.

Isn’t that a problem now? When changing a username you can change back to your old username for 14 days and other accounts cant change to your old username. ( I.e. IG saves the username for you for 14 days )


it works instantly for me

Thats weird. Why does it happen to me then?

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vouch for farzad. fastest person in the com

That’s what I was thinking. How does the new 14 day rule on IG work with this?

The latest Instagram update introduced the 14 day prompt under most accounts which makes it so you can NOT change your username and claim it right then and there. However I do have a bypass/method that is able to release the username even if your account has the 14 day prompt on it. Now take into consideration that this bypass works in most instances. It does help if your account with the @ on it is aged and not recently swapped onto.


I’d add that info to the original post, will be helpful information for potential customers that might think it won’t work with the 14 days “lock”

Good luck!


Sweet thank you!

Added more info to the OP.

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Welcome to SWAPD! :smiley:



No swaps have been made for me but I refer most of my customers to this young fella off-site. I’m glad you’re here, more sales for both of us :muscle:

Love you & GL x


a vouch for @farzad. He’s helped with swaps and is great to work with!

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Can vouch for farzad. Swapped many handles for close friends of mines


Check this out.

Successfully did my first swap on this site for @Mrstekdahl

I can confirm this! So far the seller is 1/1.


Doing more swaps send me a message if interested.