FB Bonus Approved Pages (Earns upto $10K) -

Country of followers (majority): 10k / NA
Amount of followers: 10k
Topic/Niche: Bonus Approved \ Fan Subscription Monetized Pages

Hello Everyone, I am not sure If everyone knows about this Bonus Programme that facebook Offers.
But if you don’t know. You can Read this post till the end.

Facebook is investing in bonuses to help you earn a sustainable income while doing what you love. Join a bonus programme and earn money based on performance, earnings or content challenges that reward you when you reach key milestones and achievements. Earn a meaningful income while creating content that your fans enjoy. Get rewarded for building your community on Facebook.

I am selling these Bonus Approved Pages from which you can easily make upto 10,000$ till december 31.

All you have to do is get subscribers & facebook will reward you with a 5$ bonus + you will get the subcribers payments every month too.



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Only need , $20 ones

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2500$ for pages with 20$ bonus

1000$ price for 5$ Bonus Pages.

5 pages left in-stock

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