FB/IG Media Portal On Your Own Account | Diamond Club Seller



Please check my mess

Hope you wiil read and reply me

Thank you so much

Do u have any idea how to get a portal back? My portal was removed overnight from the link . Any idea how to retain it back?

Hey @TSL how much does it cost?

Hey! My advice would be for you to contact your rep, or if you bought it from someone here, contact them and I’m sure they’ll be able to help!

Tried bought from lunar but he is saying same i am trying from past 3-4 months

Did you get the suspension email? Or just gone?

Just gone!
Everyone is saying lunar gave a bad portal

Detail’s please

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The profile picture gave me goosebumps… Are you back, @TSL? :pleading_face:

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I’m back! I’ve been busy with my day to day business, but now it’s time… I’m officially back on SWAPD and resuming my services. Including this one off service that offers a FB/IG Media Portal on your OWN account :drooling_face:

I only sell a handful of these portals every couple years, to ensure the best quality service, so here we are! Only going to be selling 1-2 of these portals this year - so PM me if interested!

Waiting for a reply on my DM :grin:

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