FB/IG Media Portal On Your Own Account

Hi there!

I am selling Media Portals for Entertainment. Portals are US-based. (These are Media Portals NOT Creator Portals)

With the Media Portal you will be able to submit verification requests, username claims, name changes, recover hacked accounts, appeal for unbans & more.

When messaging for more info, please send me a brief bio about you/your agency and what you intend to do with the Panel so I can confirm if this is suitable for your needs. Serious buyers only.

I will be able to get the Media Portal added to your own account but this will cost more & is dependent on who you are/what you do/your agency. I am very strict who I sell this service to, so please only message if you’re serious and can provide in-depth info about who you are/who you’re business is. Please do not get offended if I don’t reply. I will only reply to those who seem suitable from their first message.

Multiple on site tickets successfully completed :white_check_mark:




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tell me more!

First on-site ticket was completed within 5 days :white_check_mark:


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Another on-site ticket was completed and was delivered in under 24 hours :white_check_mark::sunglasses:

I’ve messaged you regarding this

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You said you’re selling 1-3 per year but have sold 2 on site in a short period of time. Slightly alarming…

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This is correct. I am very specific about who I sell access to and therefore only offer this on a limited basis. I am not actively advertising or looking to sell, hence why I don’t bump the thread or post much in the thread. I only sell access to those who are suitable! I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people so far on here & if 1 more comes along, then fantastic, if not, then it’s no problem, I just won’t sell :slight_smile: Hope that clears any concern up! My PMs are always open to chat too!


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