FB/IG Verification , Merges and Recovering Disabled/Username Claim


I am doing username claims, recovering disabled accounts and verifications. + adding merge service

Check below how it works.
■ ** adding Instagram Merge Service **
Both accounts need to be similiar and will be reviewed by me if i think you have a chance of getting approved ill continue with it.
The destination page should be larger than the one you want to merge.
Im offering this service for 2000$

I can claim inactive usernames on IG
Price range depends from the username you want to acquire and usually i can claim 5 letters and above. Starting from 1500$ min for non OG
I can review the names you want just send them over in my PM , keep in mind that Instagram policies state that certain usernames may not be available for transfer if they are too generic (example: “pizza” “david” “joy” “JT”). Or they may be active in another entity.
PS : The claiming account needs to be active or a public figure or media in order to work.

Instagram Recovery Service
If 2Fac Support is unable to help you out with getting back on your account i can help you out or for some reason other than IP violation, your account was disabled we can work on recovering it.

Facebook & Instagram Verifications
If you feel like you fullfill all the requirements like having 10+ news in notable sites and not PR releases , also you have a Wikipedia about you send me over a DM with the following :

  • Link of the page/profile to be Verified.
  • Articles about you or your brand.(not indian PR)
  • Links of other social.
  • Official website.
  • Wikipedia.

Pricing for this service goes as following
》Public Figure Facebook (1800$ + Swapd Fee)
》Public Figure Instagram (2200$ +Swaps Fee)
》Media Page Facebook (3500$ + Swapd Fee)
》Media Page Instagram (4200$ + Swapd Fee)

☆ If You Have Any Other Questions Please PM ME!
Thank you.


Unlisting until you ID verify with us.

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Verified please list my post again

Please publish my listing

Limit your bumps to once every 48 hours.


DO you use media portal?

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Would like to get IG done :white_check_mark:

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Unlisting as your service and text is copy pasted from another user.

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Open for orders…

Can you claim usernames on FB?

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Yes, PM with the username please

Please when you message me put as much details as you can because i only sign in in swapd once in a while because of offsite work

Taking orders…

Price for ig username claim?.no og

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