FB Instant Articles Provider

Can you please tell me your rate for fresh instant article?

As I wrote in my post:

Seller is going crazy and making more sales! Thank you for using SWAPD and thank you for always delivering.



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Thank you @AR70PLM, for another good transaction.

Topic is Open again.

I have available now 1 FB page + IA approved + domain + website.

I also can take more orders by now.

Really good seller! 100% delivered, fast and helpful. Thank you for using SWAPD @AR70PLM :smiley:

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Can you get instant article approved on existing paged aswell? I need IA on a page that says its not eligibale…

I sent PM

Hi! Can you also do get approval even with this message:

The provided URL is not being accepted because the site has minimal readership, which violates the Instant Article Policies (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles/policy/ ). Please provide a different URL.

Interested, how much?

Send me the details of price PM.

Please lets me know about pricelist… PM please

I sent PM

How much?

PM me links please from page+web domain

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price please