FB Instant Articles Provider



Dm info please


can i buy direct pages already approved?


No, I don’t have available in stock for moment.


You can do this for an existing FB page and domain? Please pm me details.


I sent PM.


I send you Private message


Please pm price, can you recover ia?


I recovered many IA , it may take 2 days or much more to re-enable IA, and success rate is 75% . If success rate is not 100% I can’t sell this service on swapd.


How much?


Hi! Can you also do get approval even with this message:

The provided URL is not being accepted because the site has minimal readership, which violates the Instant Article Policies (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles/policy/ ). Please provide a different URL.


Hi. No


Please PM


If you have in stock, pls inbox me!!


I need only a domain suitable for instant articles which with no low readership erro.


Check PM


Hi, I need someone to fix me approval for instant articles. I have problem with minimal readership. Can you fix that?


Hi. No, I have the same problem.


Do you have in stock only domains, eligible for IA. Thanks in advance.


I’m interested. Can you message me?


Try with blogger :blush:… Minimal readership issue won’t arise…