Fb Instream Ads + Reel Ads Approved Profile Page \ Monetized \ High reach

Country of followers (majority):Worldwide / 10k+
Amount of followers: 10k+
Topic/Niche: Quotes / Instream Approved
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): n/a


Hi guys,

I am selling a gaming video creator page, with quotes related short and game name.
Page is approved for instream ads, just post videos and start making money from TODAY !!

Instream + Reels Overlay Ads Approved

  • page has no violations / strikes
  • no rename / merge bans
  • Instream Approved / eligible for more monetization tools
  • Payout is setup already, access will be transffered during the ticket & you can attach your bank.


Bump. I got 3 approved instream ads pages in stock.


I’ve got a high reach / profile page available with approved instream ads.
just post videos and start making money right away!

Prices bro ???

PM Price pls