FB Page 0 reach?

Since Monday one of my pages that used to get 30/40k reach at least, is now getting 0 reach, no strikes (well non that i can see) and the page is still accessible from other devices / fb accounts. Has anyone else had this issue? Also anyone noticed a massive drop in ad break earnings? Im down about 95% (on my other pages ).

A lot of people are having the same problem…

I think it’s a Facebook bug or it’s part of the recent Facebook Mass Page Unpublishing

I read about the mass un publishing hoping its not that. Have you seen anything about ad break earnings dropping off??

Never worked with AdBreak, but if reach is significantly lower, then AdBreak earnings will be too.

I’ve seen earning droppings in Instant Articles.

Facebook is making a lot of changes recently, no one knows what’s happening.

All of my pages look different, some are updated some not, some have new icons, some not.

I’m having problems with Facebook since last November, but this recent outage they had, made everything worse.

I think they are preparing for USA 2020 elections maybe

Yeh its crazy how a platform like fb can be so broken, fingers crossed it come back soon otherwise its pointless.

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As of 24 hours ago, one of our pages suddenly got hit with an almost zero link reach … it was doing find for months. This page, we noticed, had recently been given two scheduling buttons. You click on the button once to put the date/time in to schedule a post, and then you have to hit “schedule” again to actually schedule it. Not sure if its related, but something is definitely up.

My meme page which had 1-2M reach a month is now down to 10k a month.

Got like two strikes on it just before reach died, now it’s useless

Have one page exactly the same. page with great earning on video adbreak now has 0 reach on every video i post.
but curious is that if i upload a video that is not monetized i have the same reach as before.

has anyone manage to revive the page again?

Nope still 0 reach for me. But only on one of my pages

Up here, 0 reach in photo, video, in everything, 1.weem comes back, but after 3 day one page got again 0 reach and other one after 2 hour… I really don’t know what going on… Hope that this will be bug…

i can help you with all the 0 reach pages. check my post

Which one ??

check pm

Did you resolve the reach problem, I am also getting 0 reach since 3 days. No violations and no blocks on my pages.

Did you resolve the reach problem, I am also getting 0 reach since 3 days. No violations and no blocks on my pages.

Me too bro scarface, almost 1 month…

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