FB Page 2.1 Million Followers 1,900$

Country of followers (majority): India,Phillipiness,USA
Amount of fans/followers: 2,12 Million
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
Description: Im selling this page because it have the Ad Breaks stopped and was hit by a bug that removed some content and now the page is in warning of being unpublished, but i spoke with the Fb team and they said it will expire in 90 days as they fixing the bug that caused this, it will be clear in 1 month as 2 months have passed.
Im selling at this low price only because it have hot by that bug and don’t have interest anymore in FB as im selling all my pages as now im active in other Social Platforms and i don’t have time to manage them.
The page have very high engagement and reach if it used with proper content can be a money making machine as i was earning in the past with Ad Breaks and Instant Article before it was stopped for re-used content.

Waring doesn’t get removed
Mine never got removed…been one year
So it’s risky to buy this page
Still I can buy this for $1k
Inbox me if you want to sell
Payment is ready

@Champak just replied

I didn’t get the link

@Champak i have sent it now

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Let’s deal for 2.1 m

@Champak nope i told you the final price since u wanna buy and serious, if you want that is the price

$1200 for the page

@Champak that is the final price, the page have huge reach on posts ,videos, story, thap page can be a money machine if you manage it in the right way, so as i said this is the lower i can do

Let’s deal

@Champak alright open the ticket with swapd

Payment via?
And let’s finalise for $1500
Okay, bro?

And also bro
How’s the link reach?
I can buy this page instantly on the basis of the link reach