First SWAPD Journey

Why the hell is this category dead on SWAPD there are so many members here who can share amazing journeys, but anyway I digress I have a big-ass project I’m starting and I can use all the motivation and input I can get. Maybe more people get inspired to share their journies here.

So the rules/info for this journey are as follows:

  1. Pics or it didn’t happen, any claim of growth or income needs to be verified with a picture/video or otherwise
  2. This Journey is about growing a huge repository of social and web assets, not anything else that I might have going on
  3. I will be updating this thread at least twice a week and answering questions daily, I don’t think daily updates are necessary BUT I created a google sheet with accounts to keep you updated daily on account and earnings stats
  4. I’m starting this with 0$ dollars the goal is here is to start from scratch so anyone is able to replicate this
  5. If you hate reading I also created a youtube channel with pretty much everything i write here in video form:
  6. If you have a question, DONT PM me ask it here, so everyone can benefit, odds are someone else has the same question.

Journey and KPIs:
So the plan here is to grow from scratch (or use what I currently have), social and web assets and monetize them or sell them off. I’ll be covering these platforms:
*(Monetization and Growth Method will be Shared in future posts)
*(Accounts and stats are in the sheet )

  1. Instagram:
  • I have 71 Accounts mostly from scratch in various niches, will add more as the journey advances.
  • The goal here is to have a network with combined followers of 20M
  1. Pinterest:
  • I have 10 Pinterest accounts in various niches.
  • The goal here is to grow every account to reach 3-5M monthly views (followers don’t count for ■■■■ on Pinterest)
  1. Tiktok:
  • I have 5 Tittok accounts in various niches.
  • The goal here is to get each account to 100k followers
  1. Facebook Groups:
  • I have 4 Groups in various niches.
  • The goal here is to get each group to 50k members
  1. Email Lists:
  • I have 6 email lists in various niches.
  • The goal here is to have each list at 100k double opt-in subs
  1. Telegram:
  • I have 10 groups in various niches.
  • The goal here is to get each group to 10k members
  1. Youtube:
  • I have 6 channels in various niches.
  • The goal here is to each channel at 100k subs
  1. Spotify Playlists:
  • I have 2 Playlists in various niches.
  • The goal here is to have a network with combined followers of 100k followers and 100k monthly listeners
  1. Subreddits:
  • I have 8 subreddits in various niches.
  • The goal here is to each sub at 100k subs
  1. Twitter:
  • I have 2 Twitter accounts in various niches.
  • The goal here is to each account at 100k followers
  1. Turnkey Brands:
  • I have 7 brands in various niches.
  • These are starter websites build around top-notch social accounts with all the bells and whistles (more info on this in the coming posts)
  • The goal here is to grow them till they reach a value of $5k each
  1. PR Acess:
  • I will start with 5 sites/ try to get access to them
  • What I’m trying to do here is gain access to high-value media sites like Wikipedia or Facebook Media Portal for verifications (i have a game plan here, don’t worry its all hopes and wishes check out future posts)

Just these?! Why not Facebook Pages, simple, I don’t know how to grow them lol. Plus it’s not like I don’t have on my plate already.

I know what you might be thinking this is too much/unachievable/will take a long time.
Well, you are incorrect, only if you said unachievable. This will for sure take a long time and is too much work but anything worth having is anyway.

The goal here is to work smart, not hard. The beginning is the heavy lifting phase mostly manual work, low funds won’t allow me to buy accounts, shoutouts or services to grow the accounts fast. But as the accounts grow this will change. Plus most people are pretty ridge when they grow accounts, finding/making viral content will help grow the accounts asap. The more creative we can get the quicker the growth.

So, for now, this is the plan. ill be posting strategies and updates in the coming posts.
What I expect from you are ideas and criticism. If I’m doing something that can be improved let me know. If you have an idea or strategy I can be your guinea pig if I think it makes sense.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let the show begin!


Best of luck to you :white_check_mark:

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Subscribed to topic :slight_smile:
Also, this category is empty as it was opened 3 weeks ago and I am fairly sure most people here are too busy to bother writing about their success.

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@Swapd May I know how to subscribe to a topic ? I’m using SWAPD Android App.

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You can bookmark it + set it to WATCHING, you will get notifications with every reply.

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Very nice. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Are you using any kind of Automation software to manage that many accounts ?

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@Swapd thank you, didnt know it was 3 weeks old dont I look stupid now lol, any chance we can get this on the homepage
@Cbusiness @austinlawson cheers!
@trending the conditions of this journey is to start from 0$ so I’m not using any software atm, but will defiently be using multiple softwares to make life easier as soon as $$$ rolls in

Speaking of which if anybody has software recommendations let me know here

First update in a few hours!

i have a pages for more then 3 millions fans one of them is premium and facebook group for 30k member and the only advice to give it to you is stay away from facebook , it’s waste of time

Lol yeah that’s why I stay away from facebook pages, although I have seen here a thread about a service where the provider posts content on behalf of the client and clients are reporting 5 figure monthly income, so maybe they know something we dont.
That being said tho, I haven’t had the same experience with groups their reach Is pretty decent and there are many ways to monetize them, or is this not your experience?

i’m the first people who opened facebook pages when this service is available, in the begin the reach is pretty good but at the time reach still decrease , and now facebook groups option is available, i noticed that the reach in groups start decrease , i think it will be as facebook pages, belive me they don’t give a fu** about us all they wont is money and the satisfaction of users , we as admins is the slaves in facebook, i advice you to not waste your time in it.

Update 1 - 6th February

  1. So the first thing is first we need some $$$ to speed things up a bit. So it’s back to a few hustles to get some quick cash. I have a few ideas I never tried before but I’ll give them a shot, the aim is these jobs should get in enough cash to give me a boost but also not take too much time so I’m able to manage and grow my network. So these are the jobs I’ll start:
  • Instagram growth: I’ll do manual f/uf for clients at a low price point ($99/Month), my selling point here is that I’m able to get 50%+ from a specific country.
  • Media Kits: I’ll be creating awesome looking Media kits to help pages sell their shoutouts ($49)
  • Monthly Content: I will also run a service where I create a month worth posts, selling point would be 24hrs delivery and relatively low price point ($99)

As for promotion I will use:

  • Swapd (except for the first service as its against TOS), 1 time posting plus bumping
  • Reddit (I compiled a list of subreddits that i’ll post in the sheet in the Sales tab), 3 times per week per sub per service
  • DMing Pages on Instagram, 50 accounts per day
  • Posting in Facebook Groups (I compiled a list of groups that i’ll post in the sheet in the Sales tab), There is a twist to this method as posting in these groups may get me banned I’ll speak kore about this in times post

I’ll post the number of times I post, the amount of people who get back to me and sales obviously. I’ll keep doing this till I get 10k in funds and then I’ll stop.

  1. I added another tab in the sheet title content/Startegy I added posting frequencies for all the platforms and some of the strategies I’ll be using.

Today I’ll start with the posting/growth for my network as per sheet and Sales

Tmw update will be include what happens today with the network and sales, and my strategy for instagram and pinterest growth


Best of luck with the journey! Very interesting :smiley:

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Awesome to see this. Good luck :raised_hands:

Best of luck…

Just one advice: print $$$ from one sphere then hire people to do work for you.

All the best for your media empire. :heart::100:

Update 2 - 14th February

Time for a second update, so on the surface, it might appear not much has happened but a lot did in the background.

So first let’s start with sales.
I added a thread here on SWAPD for monthly content, I managed to get one sale and closed it out for 70$, I also got a lot of inquiries, 17 to be exact, not much came out of those mostly window shoppers.
I also started posting on Reddit, I only posted the Instagram growth service, managed to close one sale for 50$, and got 11 inquires, these were much active and I’m still following up/ negotiated with most of them till now.
Also did 6 bids yesterday on a forum yesteday, will see if anything comes out of that

For the next week, I will add more services to Reddit and SWAPD and will start pitching clients on Instagram and Facebook groups.

Will keep doing this till I have a grand total of $1000 from this and will use this money to do Different stuff to get more money quicker!

The second point here is the social media assets, now I haven’t done much in the last week when it comes to that, I spend most of my time optimizing and prepping my sales funnels. All growth this week was organic.

The plan for next week is to split my time with, 3 hours focused on sales and getting more customers and 5 hours on growing my social media assets.

Updating the sheet now with new numbers!


Look forward to seeing how the rest of your journey goes, ever thought about doing the same thing for someone else? :eyes:

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Bookmarked, really interesting. Good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing @m.ashraf

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@InstaNetwork thank mate, i already am, thats why i have the sales thread
@danieldan thanks for the kind words my man!