Fiverr account with 654 positive reviews for sell

Account type:fiverr account
Price:best offre or trade with facebook page-instagram account

Description:i have a fiverr account for sell with more 650 positive reviews!

You should probably hide the username from the screenshots. That’s a pretty awesome account, hard to get so many reviews on Fiverr :slight_smile:

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Last feedback is more than year ago but the gigs are still up, did they ghost this account or what? Why there are no sales? If the gigs were up all this time you would probably got some negatives for not delivering on time, so this looks like it’s been ghosted.


Never even realized Fiverr ghosted accounts :open_mouth:

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I set my account in vocation mode because i am so busy with my new business


I have a few questions;

How much money has this account made?
Can username and all data referring to you be changed?
Have you had any communication with staff on this account?
Have you given ID to validate this account at all?

What kind of price do you have in mind

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Yes your change username and email
You need just number phone for validate this account.
Price i am not sure just send me yoir offre

You can make a lot of money with this account if you offre a good quality services

I’d offer $75 if I’m honest, no fb for a year. Plus slightly worried as the name is fairly baited out now as you’ve put pictures incl your name which links to the account

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If you have a price in mind pm me

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where is the problem if i added my username.i added username for buyer to check it
and i dont get sales because i added my account in vocation mode i am so busy i need to sell this account because i dont have time to work in fiverr in this time

Because this page can be indexed, they see the name, say oh you can’t sell accounts, banned.

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Think you are missing the point, I’m not saying you are banned. I am saying by posting the name of the account in here which will be indexed by Google it risks the account as it will be indexed, thus Fiverr staff MAY find it.

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i fixed now thanks for advice

Still for sell