Fiverr Graphic Design $18600 earning seller account with 600+ 5* ratings for sell

Account type:Fiverr

Description:I want to sell my Graphic Design work Fiverr seller account.I complete 785 order with 5* earning 18500$.avarage earning $30.I am working this account from 2017.

Still available

still available


still available

Current offer?

Can you share the current offer please?

what do you mean by current offer?

Current offer means price?

Yea what’s your best offer?

price is almost final,but you can told me your offer.My account have still pending some offer.also there have many fixed client who always order.also one gig is ranked now in 3 page.I am in a big trouble so I want to sell I can keep something low from my price

Still available,please hurry

$1000 My offer

Still Available

Available yet

Still available

with $280 balance my last price is $2000.interested person message me soon.very urgent…

Didn’t you have $2000 offer? And also, you are only allowed to bump posts every 24hrs.

I know everyone is not real in this who was offer $2000 is not reply me now.but I need to sell urgently.I know my problem and know why I am you can not understand my problem.

I do understand that you may have some issues but I am just telling you that the rules of this site allow you to only bump once a day.