Food Delivery App For Sale - Passive Income

Food Delivery App For Sale:

$xxx,xxx + please do not message if you are not offering in that range.

This is an app/website that we started in Jan. 2019 in our local area. We’ve grown it from 2 people to 50+ drivers now. All job duties have been automated and/or can be handled online… from hiring, to partnerships, etc. The sale includes everything you need to successfully run a food delivery service:

Admin Portal
Driver Portal
Driver App
Customer App
Customer Website
Social Media Accounts

This is easily scalable! Over $1 million in sales in the first year with less than $5,000 spent on marketing, total.

Website generates about $15,000 net profit monthly (steady for the past few months with 0 ads running). This is also without doing any work for the site. You can save $10,000+ monthly by actively working on it. Would love to explain more to those that have the budget and are truly interested.

(if this isnt allowed, im sorry) punish me plz

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What state or areas is it mainly running in?

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