FOR SALE: Established Animal & Pet Website With Netlify Redirect Function (483 published articles as of today)

Hi everyone, I am selling my already established pet and animal website which also comes with the Netlify website ( and Netlify redirect function. This website is a fun and entertaining pet website that shares heartwarming pet rescue stories, funny videos and pictures and much more. It’s the perfect website for someone who loves to blog and loves dogs, cats and pretty much all animals.

I created the website back in August of 2018 and primarily used my Facebook page network to drive traffic to the website. So you can expect traffic will not be the same after you purchase this site as my Facebook pages won’t be driving traffic to the site anymore.

The website however does come with a very in-demand feature, which is the Netlify redirect function. We have created a Netlify website that essentially mimics the original website. We then enabled the redirect function on it so that you can share articles from the Netlify site to your own Facebook pages and anyone who clicks on the them will be redirected to your official website, which is great if you’re running Adsense on your website. Netlify domains tend to do very well in terms of going viral.

The purchase will also come with the GitHub which is essentially what allows Netlify to pull the articles from the original website.

Netlify is pretty simple and it is very easy to load new articles from your original site to your Netlify site. I will provide step by step instructions on how to do this. For GitHub, you will really never need to do anything with this until you make any significant majors changes to your site, which then you’ll likely need a developer to help you. So my recommendation is to not make any changes to the GitHub or website unless you’re ready to pay a developer to help you.

That’s about it. If you’re interested, let me know!

Please do not send any low offers. Serious inquiries only.


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