Forbes Full Feature Available - Limited Slots only

Service type: Unique PR Services
Price: 7.5k$ + Fees

Description: Forbes Organic full feature ( available for all niche - Article to be posted under Entertainment category.

Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks

Process: Client needs to fill the questionnaire > Article will be written by the journalist > Article will be sent for approval > Post approval, it would be published with some changes, if any!

Note: Limited slots available. Will close the listing once the slots are full.

a. No Sponsored Tag
b. Shorter wait time
c. Boost your SEO Score
d. Increase visibility and brand image

Serious buyer inquiries - Hit me up! Replying to everyone within 12 hours.

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can you give good price?


Is it permanent? Is it gonna show up in search?

What we looking for is

• Main page/financial section

• Permanent placement

• Rewrite if possible

• Article visible in search + visible to readers

P.S we also looking for full features on those pages if available.


Theguardian Europe/USA

Bloomberg EU/USA

Reuters Europe


Yes it is permanent and will show in search

We can publish the article in the entertainment section

Currently rewrite is possible on case to case basis

Is coverage in india available

Yes forbes india possible as well

What’s the cost for Forbes india

I thought india would be much cheaper


Is Forbes France available ? ( if yes how what’ts the cost ? how long does the article stays before deleting or it stays forever ?

Thank you

Replied to everyone on pm

Bump limited time offer only

Bump - still available

Please send more info

Interested but beyond my budge

Check pm

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