[FRAUD - USER BANNED] I Instagram/ FaceBook Account Recovery and Other Services


Hey Everyone,
One of my good friends has recently just been hired at Instagram. He currently works in the account recovery department and recovers accounts for me all the time. If everyone remembers, my account @artsassist was recently banned but everyone can check it out… the account is back up and running. Let me know if you need any accounts recovered… 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Below is screenshots of proof it works. The first one was taken this Tuesday (September 26,2017) and the second screenshot was today.

We are also able to recover deleted accounts, stolen accounts, or lost accounts… we can handle almost any service!

Help recovering 11.9 million - verified removed after FB page

Hey dude…Do you have anyone in Facebook to increase the Reach … :)))
Im sorry for off topic…but i’m too frustrated


Of course… my friend has connections in both Instagram and FaceBook… DM me for more details


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Could you please explain how the process works? Since he works at Instagram, I assume we don’t have to give a password, correct?


So he works for Instagram… does not need a passcode… just looks up the name in a database and can unlock the account basically by filling out a little online form.


What’s the cost associated?


Cost varies… DM me for details and we will be able to work something out


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Too many members are worried about these services. We will force the seller to do a sample for us, in meanwhile, we’re locking this topic.

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