[FREE Guide] to Free Luxurious Hotels and Dining [Without using YOUR social media]

Ever wished you could snag free or discounted VIP experiences like those big influencers, without needing a massive following? :star2:

Introducing the partnership method, my secret sauce for landing luxury stays and dinners without the fame.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Reach out to themed accounts in travel and food niches, ideally with followers between 40k to 250k. Ask them for their rates for shoutouts. A simple dm saying “promo rates?” will do the trick.

Even if you can stretch your budget, the cost is nothing in comparison to the VIP treatment you’ll get (think $2,000/night hotels for a $75 shout out).

  1. Once you agree on rates, gather insights like demographics and engagement rates. You’ll need these to present these to the places you want to visit in order to be legit. I can hook you up with media kit templates and a solid guide to create a compelling pitch.

  2. Next, find emails of the places you’re eyeing. No time to hunt? I’ve got 1500+ contacts of resorts and restaurants worldwide. Use my email templates to reach out. You can even streamline using Streak to send bulk emails.

While some places might pay you for this, offering free services for a 5-star stay is your best bet. I’ve got a high-end Greek NYC restaurant waiting to treat me like royalty (food, bottle service, sparklers!) for just a shoutout (waiting for my birthday to cash in, ha!).

  1. Some might ask for sample videos. Send clips from the Instagram account or use my pack of luxury reels and TikToks (mostly faceless) to add a personal touch.


  1. Once you get the green light, schedule your visit, film with your phone (make sure it’s updated!), and edit footage. Need help? I’ve got a team for that.

  2. Once approved, set a posting date, pay the promo fee, and voila! You’ve scored a discounted or free VIP experience, the place got free promo, and your partner account made some cash. Everyone’s a winner!

Most recent trip to Rio. My bros and I each did the method allowing us to stay in Copacabana Palace, A Belmond Hotel, Rio de Janeiro for two weeks (food and drinks included. the women thought we were rich ha).

I’ve been at this since 2019, not just for myself but helping friends too (reviews below). Foolproof, I tell ya! Got a handy doc summarizing it all, or hit me up for advice. Good luck out there! :earth_africa:



Can somewhat confirm this works, Regularly receive inquiries from restaurants on my food IG pages about promotions in return for free food and drinks for me and a +1

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Exactly. Would love to check out your pages

i’d love to check out the templates and docs for this

PM me