Full Article in Forbes for $5k

Offering this very unique service to all Swapd users!

A friend of mine is a writer for Forbes.

I can secure you a full featured article about any crypto or blockchain business for $5k

It takes 8 working days for the content to be live.

The content can only be about a crypto related or blockchain company or in that niche. It can be an interview too.I would need to approv the content before hand and the writer may make final edits too

Here is an example of what an article will look like - please note this is not necessarily the writer.who will write your article.

Any questions PM me via Swapd!

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Any interest PM me!

limited time offer!

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How will this work? What if I pay you and you fail to deliver?

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You don’t pay him directly. The payment is always held via an Admin as we provide escrow services for all transactions (asides from influence deals).


So money is held and then when does he get it? After the article is published?

Yup! The payment isn’t released until the service is completed as advertised.

If swapd hold money and he can’t complete the Forbes article, swapd return the money but… who pay the PayPal (x2) commissions

In this case, the fees would fall upon the buyer.

However, I’m not totally positive in this scenario, as its an unverified service. In some cases, we have the service provider complete the request first before even taking the payment, but I can’t say for sure in this scenario as its quite a hefty price.

@Swapd would have to elaborate.

If paid by PayPal, there will be no fees if the service isn’t rendered, as PayPal fully refunds their fees.
However, with bank wire, that’s a different story. Banks do not refund bank wire fees, and if the seller can’t deliver, it would be nice of him to cover the fees, but that’s something buyer/seller needs to agree on in the ticket.

But, to be totally honest here, I am skeptical about this “friend” story. Heard it all before. There are no friends, you can purchase paid articles on virtually every publication on earth, from Washington Post to the Politico, directly from those companies. So not sure why a “friend” is even needed unless Forbes has different rules. 10 out of 10 times, ever since we’ve opened, these services never panned out because the reality was that people were reselling these services. So, unless @gxs179 is willing to introduce his friend to us who works at Forbes, I will officially doubt his story.


Hey - if someone has a crypto company I can show you the service works

You can’t buy articles in top places like washington post or Forbes unless it says ‘sponsored’ on the article

The article would be organic and written by a writer on the publication

Here is an example of what an article will look like - please note this is not necessarily the writer.who will write your article.

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This is a contributor article, not a full time writer from Forbes. So I assume a contributor has posted somewhere that he is selling a spot in his article to earn some extra cash. From experience with contributor articles on Forbes, it is only going to be seen by anywhere from 30k-50k people at best. It is not a main article on Forbes and is only online not in print. $5000 to reach even 100k people, without it being a very targeted demographic and making a return on the investment is a bad business decision anyway you look at it. If you could post a link to a product your selling and hope 1% or 2% bite and purchase it, thats another story but you can’t do that on these types of articles. The only benefit this would have is if your trying to get your accounts blue check marked. Having an article and other press with your name in it or business name would help secure that. But there are easier ways than this. Just my opinion.


That’s correct its only online not print - that’s what I’m offering. The article is great for SEO and online reputation and if it goes viral could reach a ton of people. No-one else offers this service and no-one is forcing you to buy the service either.

being seen by 30k to 50k people is still great - especially for a startup or company that isnt well known.

A full time writer will only write about current affairs or news rather than a company.

Its actually very difficult to get onto Forbes -feel free to try yourelf - I guarantee if you tried for a couple of months you wouldnt be successful as they are very stringent with what they accept.

That’s why I need to see each company a potential client wants before hand and it needs to be in the crypto / blockchain space.

Can be about a Social Media Agency, Tech App or similar?

I can do this if its not crypto but price would be 8k and it takes 4 to 6 weeks

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