Full Article in HuffPostUK and TNW for the purpose of FB & INSTA VERFICATION


Service type:
Price: 600$

Description: Hello mates, I am offering this service at very cheap rate. I can publish your business/personal articles on these well known Domains. This service is for those who wants to verify their business or profile with Blue badge on the facebook/instagram. I will help to get an article on these.

https://thenextweb.com /


Requesting a review of this service as a veteran member of Swapd. I will report back.


Can you tell more info about this?


if you are not on wiki i think you will not get verified. but the service is interesting


Yes ask please. if you have any question


I can confirm that both of these websites are accepted by both Facebook and Instagram for verification purposes.

Although, having only 2 articles won’t get you verified. You need more PR, but this is definitely a good start and the price seems fair to me.

P.S. : The posts on these websites are usually done through contributor platforms so please don’t think that these articles would be officially published by the respective news outlet, but yeah on the brighter side, these work smoothly for verifications and look legit.


Thank you @boogeyman after few mention surely they will come to you for further process :slight_smile:


I’d love to purchase, but I would prefer this service to be verified. OP did you sell any successful articles yet? :slight_smile:

  • Will you provide dofollow backlink too?

  • Will you post them as a contributor or journalist?


how long will the articles be up for? Im interested in this could you pm me


Im interested in the service but haven’t seen anyone else purchase but im interested could you send me more details


interested! looking for more details


ID be very interested. PM me


I am very interested in this service whether it includes dofollow or no/follow. Please contact me as soon as possible as I can get started today!


Would be good to know if these articles will be posted as a contributor or journalist.


I’m interested, please message me :slight_smile:


Hi, couple questions here:

For HuffPost - Where is the article placed exactly? huffingtonpost/your-article ?

Or is it just a contributor account and not included with the main site?

Also, if the link is added, is it a dofollow?



Sorry i read the previous comments and got my answers already. Thanks.


How long do these posts stay up for?


Hey - I wan to verify my Instagram - does your service work for this and can you send me some samples?


can u send sample