FULL FEATURE Forbes Middle East

( - Forbesmiddleeast.com)

Price: ( $7500 - Forbesmiddleeast.com)


Description: Full Feature
Can publish up to 280- 500 words /

Delivery time : 7 days - 10 days max
You Must have A fresh Article Drafted, With which The Forbes Auditor can get Articke direction ,which would be adjusted , Rewritten and published to meet Forbes Middle East Standards and Culture of Publications.
Picture: 1 Professional picture Showing the Entrepreneur/ CEO / Person written about
You will also get posts on their social media

Person must be a locally known Entrepreneur or business, must have featured In atleast 5-7 local media houses.

Hi! Do you have any samples? Did you ever deliver the service in the past? Will it be written by a specific editor or a contributor? Shared on their social networks? Permanent placement? Are you willing to consider a discount for the first ticket?

To answer your question sir / madam

  1. it’s only one platform Forbes Middle East
  2. it’s published by a staff Editor and not a contributor .
  3. yes it’s shared on their social pages
  4. yes delivered many and I have shared to your Pm

Hmmm discount no


How come you doubled the price of the publication overnight? It’s not worth more than $2,000 retail.

It’s worth more then that, and they won’t take anyone or busienss who is not a local sensation or has 5+ local first Tier Press.

is this still available?

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