Gaming Channel 133k - Eligible / No active Strikes - Price Drop 450$!

Amount of subscribers: 133k
Country of subscribers (majority): Brazil
Topic/Niche: Games
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic
Only accept Transferwise, Wire Transfer and BTC
Description: It’s a great channel, previous content was from Fortnite and is now from Free Fire, has been monetized previously and can be monetized again, has no strikes or active warnings and old videos have been deleted.
Prints :

url please.

link please

link pleasee

Pm me link

sent all




Dm, willing to give you a serious offer.



Handle please?

URL? And Price?

Hey I will give you $300?

lmao look at those stats… 8 hours watched with 133k subs??? You literally paid for subs and basically got them all in 1 day on your graph… plus only uploading reused content??? You won’t be able to monetize this channel without completely starting over… why is Swapd allowing this account to even be posted?

This channel was not used bots, and it has already been monetized and earned R$ 800


sold @moderators!