Gauranteed Twitter Account Verification of Anyone

Service type: Twitter Verification
Price: 7000$

Description: Hi there, I’m happy to provide Twitter Verification for SWAPD Community. I can verify any type of user account no matter small or big, no matter you have strong PR Background or not.

Minimum 1K Followers on your Twitter Account
7 Articles
ID (Passport)
Website of owner
No need of login

1-3 Weeks

How Can I Verify Any Type of Twitter Account
One of my friend working in Twitter Headquater, so she help me to get verification for anyone.

Do You Gaurantee of Verification
To be honest i can verify anyone’s account and it’s depends on how much strong connections you have in a company’s internal team. My friend who work in Twitter has charge of verification department so it’s very easy for me to get verification for you.

Is Verification Tick Disappear After Few Days/Month
Not at all but you have to follow Twitter Community Guidelines because day by day Twitter tight their rules. Also you don’t have permission to change you username otherwise your badge can be removed definitely.

Do I Need PR
We only need minimum 7 Articles that is enough. All other things i manage.

#HappySwapding :blush:

Welcome to SWAPD Brother

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Thanks, happy to serve my services to SWAPD Community

@goofy why this post not listed yet as provide all details to you.

It was listed right before your message was sent :slight_smile:

haha that’s weird and crazy at the same time, btw thanks a ton.

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Cant wait to see some reviews of this service on swapd.

Waiting for someone who need Twitter Verification…It’s a golden service.

Don’t you think that the price should be less for strong cases and more for weak accounts? :confused:

Price is very high bro

Price is fix for now will try to give better deal in future.

i just starting on swapd, will trying my best for future.

Unlisted until you clarify:

Do you require login access to verify Twitter accounts?

Yes in some cases I need login

Dear I already edit the service that I need login in some cases

I forget to add this that’s why I edit it

@goofy can you list service now? It’s my first time and I don’t know how it’s work on swapd.