General American Fan Page All Usa 80K Grey Verified

Country of followers (majority): 87K (78K USA)
Amount of followers: 87K
Topic/Niche: General
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
Organic fan page, all premium and grey verified
Price: 750$

sent link and price

Marking premium even though there isn’t enough recent data to show current activity. The last semi-good post happened in October 2018, but that’s close enough.

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I’m making the best price possible for this page.
Acitivity is not such high because I didn’t work in the page since 6 months.
600$ is the last price for the page.
Payment method: Transferwise, Crypto.
Paypal: 750$

Can I have a link please

please send link

Interested, would you please share property link and more insights? Thanks

Price please and screenshot of recent posts

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PM link?

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Please send me a linkstrong text

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Can I get a link? Anything posted there lately or is it dormant?

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