Generics FB/IG handles shop - adding new @s

In addition to my thread Facebook/Instagram username claims, I will update this thread with OG’s I own myself and decide to list for sale.

As of now:
1 Facebook OG - Generic handle related to gold, it has 15m hashtags on Instagram.
3 Instagram OG’s - Contains a generic 4L & handle that would fit perfect for basketball niche or to brand your personal account & an handle related to respect.

Message me if you’re interested and want to know the handles.
Note: Kindly verify your ID by messaging @VERIFICATION before reaching out to me.


messaged you

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Bumping this

Still available




Still for sale.

Bumping this, taking offers

Indeed. It’s a GOLDmine. GLWS!

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Bumping this!
I also have an Instagram @ for sale at this moment, super brandable and perfectly fits basketball and personal niche.

interested in the handle (especially the IG one if its basketball related). Let me know!

Still available

Handle and minimum price please!

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Still available, adding a 4L OG on the list. It’s a crazy username, message me only if you have a budget of $5k+ and i’ll show you the username.

Re-branded this thread with all the usernames I’m offering for sale at this moment.
Will keep updating & adding new usernames.


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