Get a d0follow backlink from BuzzFeed for your website

This post was originally shared on BHW - as a long time member there I would normally not copy methods from there to here or vice versa, but since BuzzFeed writing service and articles have been sold here before then I think this comes handy for a lot of guys.

The method is tested and works. Most links you get from there are always no follow and how long this method lasts is anyones guess but it does work - link gets indexed by search console and ahrefs as a do follow link without issues.

  1. Head up to

  2. Register an account.

  3. Create a new post from upper right corner.

  4. Add your article - the article should be in a decent quality, if possible, add images and also give credit to the source of images.

  5. Do not link or add your website anywhere at this point. Only write and publish the article.

  6. After your post is published, wait for 48 hours and login back to BuzzFeed - The moderators have approved your article and now it’s time to edit your link in. If you do this before your post or link gets removed.

  7. Insert your link in the description of the article for a do follow link and for a no-follow link insert the link into the post.



Can anyone confirm if this works?

Who should confirm this? Nobody cant even see the post :sweat_smile:

No information goes through anymore, no buyers request and even a useful information that would benefit everyone.

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still working? @IGManagement

Just done this, still working. Good job my man


Great to hear!

Anybody Knows if this is still working?