GET a page on Famous Birthdays! [VERIFIED 2+ SALES]

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Contact me (Varies by payment method)

I am the ONLY person that can actually deliver a Famous Birthdays page ANYWHERE on the market. Despite the exclusivity, I want to be fair with people. Getting a page on Famous Birthdays is much easier than social media verification, so I am not charging that much even though I could do it. I am not doing this as much for the money as to help fellow musicians/influencers.


  • Get exposure to some of the 20 million monthly visitors the site has.
  • Includes an article that gets syndicated to the Google News Tab (If you are a musician or deal with music)
  • It can help you get verified on social media.
  • Get a page on Famous Birthdays!
  • Bragging rights.


  • You should have a little bit of recognition, such as a social media profile with at least 15,000 followers
  • 1-2 easily found articles about you online (if you don’t have that I can create a couple for you that appear in Google News tab) but famous birthdays is much less strict than Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook verification is.
  • Open and funded escrow ticket required to start. BTC preferred, but PayPal accepted, but is a bit more expensive

Time varies, it could be in as little as 9 days, or it could take 30 days.The average time taken is 2 weeks. They have a small staff working on the profiles, so we have to be patient.

(Open to selling my ability to add pages sometime eventually to 1 person only, DM me if interested and have sufficient funds.)


I’m Interested please pm

Also what other services do you offer ?

Are you talking about this?

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Which Famous Birthday page are we talking about?

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Yes, I am.

People can do for free here or with any other follow links

That does not really work, it’s more for alerting the dev team of glitches, they get so many requests from there every day that they can’t check them all. Feel free to try your luck there if you want.

I’ll tried for myself now, will let you know how’s going. So if doesn’t work, will be a pro-bonus for your service :v:


Good luck! I have had many people tell me it doesn’t work, but who knows? (tbh I hope it doesn’t lol, that would be bad for business :joy:)


Personally I have tried that route and it did not work but there was a bonus hidden in the attempt but for famousbirthday website it did not work


Most of my past clients have tried that method, I have never heard of it actually working.

Bumping because last time it was bumped it generated a lot of interest. Also when I have completed current ongoing orders the price will go up, just a heads up.

I’m a signed model and actor. If you can do this for me i’ll leave an in depth vouch for potential buyers. DM me :slight_smile:

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Open to selling my ability to add pages sometime eventually, (as I am getting tired of doing it), but it can be to only 1 person, DM me with bid if interested and have sufficient funds. I made almost $15,000 in the last 6 months adding about 5-6 pages each month at around $400-$500 each, so it can be a quite profitable side gig. I will let the bids roll in for about 2-3 months and then top bid can have it.

Got a couple people who are interested but havent made the move, 1 spot left for the next couple weeks!

3 vultures are swooping around, who will get the last spot?

First page delivered! It took 9 days total. (also means there is now another spot available!

I wonder… is it possible to get the topic marked Premium because I am the only one on the whole internet (that I know of) who can actually deliver this? :eyes:


I vouch for him, he’s the real deal guys, he’s the only one that I know of that can do this, believe me I tried :upside_down_face: lol