Get A Verified Youtube channel with your desired name

Payment Method : BTC

Price : 1000 USD + SWAPD fees

Duration : 7 days Max


Now you can get any youtube channel with a name you need verified . Maximum 7 days i will deliver the channel for you .

All you need is sending me the name you need , i will create , verify and deliver .

If you can create the channel its OK But you send me Credentials of Gmail of the Youtube channel .

So two options with you choose from .

NOTE : I don’t claim usernames , only verification for existing or i create and verify no CLAIM

For More info PM me.



@Administrators Is this Service legit?

Maybe! :smiley:


Can you get inactive name. Also is it the YouTube account with the url



Only verification

i PMed you


Sent a PM

PMed you

Pmd you

PMed you about ordering one but no response

I think this service not legit

Havent heard back for a while

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@swapd has this seller had a successful ticket for this yet? Seems like he has disappeared

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Not yet.

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