Get featured in Top News Publications For Verifications (Cheapest + Fastest)

Service Type: Media Mention
Price: $2800

Hey everyone,

So, a lot of people here have been looking to get their PR game sorted in order to be verified on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and get references to get a wiki page sorted through comrade @internet_lord, and I’m here to fulfil that demand.

We’re going to feature you or your company on high-quality publications which I’ll list below, we’re going to write unique editorial articles about you or your company, and we’ll form the article in a way that it wouldn’t look like it was paid for. This is not your typical PR syndication crap where one article is aggregated to multiple news outlets, a lot of people buy those and think that those are going to work for verifications. They don’t. You must have different articles in order to be verified. It shouldn’t look like you paid for it. The article will be google indexed; it can be in the form of both feature article and/or an interview.

Websites Included In The Package:

:zap::zap::zap: DM for the list! :zap::zap::zap:

Everyone has a story they want to tell the world. If you’re an artist, if you’re a movie maker, if you’re an entrepreneur, we all have our stories. We all have our struggles and success stories.


Is It going to be a Contributor Post?
Yes, it’s going to be a contributor post, we can make staff posts happen too, but they’re very pricy. I’ll be honest here, it doesn’t add much value, there’s a huge price difference and it’s not worth it.

How long does this whole service take?
10-12 days, most of the PR services you’re going to see on the internet take a month of your time, we’re fast.

Do we get our pictures added in the articles?
Yes, we will add your photo in the article. Most of the publications don’t allow it, but you’re lucky I have friends in higher places.

Will the article be taken down?
No, it won’t. If in worst case scenario it’s taken down, you have lifetime free replacement guarantee from my side.

Are you 100% sure I’ll get my IG/FB verified, and my wiki page can be made with these?
I am 100% sure you can get your FB verified with this package. 100% sure that your wiki page won’t be deleted if these are added as references. However, for IG, you might need a few more mentions. This package does have major news publications which are ranked higher in terms of validation from FB and IG, as they’re actual newspapers. It adds up to your PR, but IG is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of PR. Yeah, we deliver press for IG verifications as well, but it’ll add up to the cost, and I don’t think that starting a high priced service is any more significant than offering something that has a fair value for money.

Will you show me the article before you publish it?
YES, we will show you the drafts before they go live, so you don’t have to go through the headache of getting something fixed, again and again, our work is clean. I have OCD; there’s no way I can send something that doesn’t look neat.

Do you have Forbes/INC/Entrepreneur in your stack?
Yes, we do, but they’re pricey. I didn’t want to start a service that’s not reasonable. I wanted to offer something that has more value for money.

OK, I want this service what do you need from me apart from money?
We’ll need you to send us your story or the kind of interview you’d like us to publish. We can’t write things that never happened. We need facts and strong points so we can plan it out.


’There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.’ - Tyrion Lannister


I love you for quoting Lannister hahah



This is a great service!! Good luck with it.

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Great package and a good price! I have put it on bookmark, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Well done boss man! Looking forward to working with you. GLWS.

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Interesting service - I have a few questions

  1. Will you gurantee once I have the articles my account will be acceptde for verification? The publications above arent the best ones like for example Daily Mail or Forbes or which I’ve heard is needed?

  2. Are the articles indexed in google and will they stay up permanently?

  3. As a wikipedia editor articles by contributors wouldnt work as sources so how would this help with the wikipedia service?

  4. Whats the difference between your buzzfeed article for example and just going on fiverr?

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if only i had my ig account back i’d buy this immediately

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The eligibility to get verified is not solely dependant on getting featured in Forbes/Daily Mail or Entrepreneur. Now I could start a service here which costs $10k, but if your sole purpose for getting PR is to get verified, wouldn’t it be better if you have cheaper alternatives? The norm is to have articles in old reputed websites which are well written and do not look paid. They care about real newspapers. I do verifications on here as well; I believe I have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Most people buy PR, but their articles still don’t qualify for being used as a media mention because they’re not presented well.

Yes, they get indexed in Google, might not be able to index Buzzfeed, but the rest yes. The newspaper sites listed on here will also go feature on Google News section.

Comrade @Internet_lord has been putting Wikipedia pages live on here with a great success rate, he confirmed that these will work as references. I’m not a Wiki guru but yeah I stand by @Internet_lord.

The difference is that you’ll know that you’ll have a lifetime replacement guarantee for the article that’s going live. Your post isn’t going live through a contributor account which is being accessed on an Indian computer using a US VPN and has the display picture of Angelina Jolie.


So will you guarantee verification with your service or is it not guaranteed?

You can view the reliable soruces here for wiki:

If you search for the publication: As you can see Buzzfeed isnt accepted. Even forbes isnt if its from a contributor. Wikipedia is extremely strict when it comes to sources

You mention the buzzfeed article isnt going via a contributor account -so is the article written by a jouranlist?

Would be good if you can post some samples of each publication so we can all see what we are ordering as there is a lot of confusion

As I said, @internet_lord will clear the air on Wikipedia. He sells the service out here like a charm, it works.

Yeah with the above package it’s guaranteed for Facebook.

Not sure what’s confusing you, but never mind. If you’re actually interested in buying something, you can DM me for samples. I can’t post them publicly.

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okay - I’ve DMed you

Can you post all the press you have access to.

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Please DM me, I’ll send them over…

Hey there, I’m interesting in getting the news publications to get my IG verified. Thanks.

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Buzzfeed News is considered as highly reliable, and Buzzfeed is accepted as a source too, just the Wikipedia community haven’t reached a consensus over it but it will still work.

In this list too, it isn’t mentioned that Buzzfeed is not accepted!


We are definitely interested however have a few questions:

  1. Would you guarantee release in all these publications.

  2. Would we get a Do Follow or a No Follow Backlink.

  3. What is the difference in cost in getting Staff Posts.

  4. What is the additional cost of getting Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post & Inc

Lastly, do you have a package where we give you 1000$ a month as retainer and you get us in “x” number of publications every month

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Thank you for reaching out @LuxuryFashion

Yes, I will guarantee the release.

It’ll be a do follow link.

Costs 2x-3x more.

HuffingtonPost has been removing contributor accounts and new posts that involve promotions, so I didn’t even go there. I could tell the prices of Forbes and Entrepreneur in DM.

Yes, I can make that happen, I’ll need to know more details about your brand, and I can send over a plan on how many sites we’ll cover every month, and you’ll also have the power to choose from multiple publications to whom we’ll pitch your PR and get it live.

For the interest of both buyer and seller, SWAPD does not allow off site communication. I’ve sent you a DM, ready to answer all your doubts, no problemo.

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Your price is ridiculously high (according to my opinion). Good luck with your forever sale!

Right, 14 unique editorial articles written on 14 quality publications is ridiculously high at $2800 looool… Kinda odd looking at how this is your only post on the site. Thanks though. :call_me_hand: