Get Featured on Premium Magazines

Service Type: Get featured on high profile magazines that helps in getting verified.

Featured: This article will be focused only on you or the company. We will be writing the content that will look informative as well as self-promotion.

Brand Mentions: Article will be highly informative about a topic in general (related to your niche) and we will mention 1-2 sentences about you in the natural way possible. [Only for top tier sites]

List of Sites: Post here or PM me and I will send you my complete inventory.

TAT: These are actual articles and not press release type, so it will take around 2-3 weeks to get completed. We will try our best to push for an early publication.


  1. We will be sending the final draft to you for approval, you can also request changes before the article goes live.
  2. Ready to work without prepayment till SWAPD trusts us.
  3. I will do my best to provide a good customer support.

Will this help for verification?

These are high authority sites which will appear on the Google news section, so I hope these will be considered.

Payment Mode: PayPal & Bank Wire


Dm inventory. Thanks

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Send price pls

List and prices

Send list, prices and TAT please.

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Send price list, sites and do you offer discounts if multiple/bundle

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One thing I can confirm.

While pretty much every ‘PR’ provider on here is repacking and reselling stuff with an unreasonable margin - stuff that you can find elsewhere for half the price and half the timeline.

This guy - has a unique list of sites that I have not seen elsewhere.

Great list for sure!



Pm me the list

Can you PM me the list please? Thanks!

Could you PM me the list please

Pls pm

Please send me prices and site list, thanks, need this to verifiy my personal IG as “entrepreneur”

Prices and site list please

List of sites shared to all those who posted here. Let me know if I missed anyone.

Get on Premium publications.

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Please PM inventory

Price and list please. Interested in a feature on inc.

Pm pricing and list

Can you send me the list please with prices

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List and price

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Please send me the list and price.