Get Free Google News Indexed Press Release

Service type: Press Release
Price: Free

Hey guys, since (Google News approved Website) does start their Press release category and I want to give back to the swapd community - I can get your distribution on it for Free (No Casino, CBD, Adult or Affiliate Products/Articles).

Just send your Title + Press release text & Image (I do not offer a writing service for this, please send finished versions)


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Fantastic, thanks for this!

Does the blog post need to be about a person, or can it be about a business?

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You are very welcome mate - both work well :slight_smile:

i am interested

Thank you for this in advance

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Sure pls shoot me a dm :slight_smile:

Published mine, Thank you very much!

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Thanks for the feedback mate :pray: Very happy to do

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This is great! Can I send it tomorrow?

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