Get Full Features on Famous News Sites (Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and more!)

Service type: PR
Price: $2000 to $7500


We are offering our second service on Swapd! We offer full featured articles on you or your brand, on some of the top websites out there. This is full features and no brand mentions / quotes. This is a full article on you or your brand, or both.

You do need some previous features for most of these sites and we need to find a good angle to showcase. Not everyone will be accepted unfortunately, and the price is quite high as well compared to our other package. Yet it’s a good opportunity for a high quality article on some of the top sites around the world.

The price is the following, we need to check everyone before and the price may vary in some points but we will do our best to give the best price.

Entrepreneur: $3500

Inc: $3500

Forbes: $5000 to $7500

Forbes India: $2000

We can do many other features as well but we will be focusing on big sites. The articles are posted by contributors and when we can do it, we do it through staff but otherwise it’ll be contributors.

If you want to be featured on smaller sites and with more quantity (more quantity for your money basically) you can check my other thread, where you get 10 articles + 2 interviews: Total Authority Package: PR + Interviews + Knowledge Graph

Payment method: BTC

Just to be clear since I have a similar service, is your services from Editorial Staff or Contributors, this may help save many folks some time searching depending on use and need and qualifications!

I am offering editorial written content. Is this also that or author\contributor? Thanks!

This is mostly contributors & full features, so no quotes for example. Let me add that into the thread :+1:

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