Get Listed on CMC Before Launch!

Introducing our highly sought-after service: Pre-Listing on CMC! :rocket:

Are you eager to showcase your project on CoinMarketCap even before its official launch? Look no further! Our exclusive service ensures that your project receives the prestigious CMC pre-listing, delivering a myriad of benefits:

  • Official Verification: Establish your project’s authenticity by obtaining the coveted CMC pre-listing, showcasing your commitment to transparency and credibility.
  • Enhanced Legitimacy: Boost your project’s credibility and reputation on CoinMarketCap, gaining the trust of potential investors and enthusiasts.

What I need:

Logo Link

Official e-mail


$3800 (including fees)


24 hours - 48 hours (4 days for safety)

If you project already launched then you can try my this service:


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