Get MILLIONS of video views & GROW your likes & followers by THOUSANDS! [Service closed until next year]

Service type: Bespoke Facebook Management & Page Growth
Price: $3,000-$5,000 per month

In this service, we will focus on creating and distributing social-first content on your Facebook page, which will be created specifically for your page/niche. E.g if you are a comedy/meme page - we will create funny memes/viral content, or if you are a fitness page, we will create fitness/workout style content etc etc. We will also help turn your page from a “facebook page” to an actual brand/community and GROW your followers, likes, reach, video views & revenue. This service is for those who are serious about turning their Facebook page into a BUSINESS and potentially generating thousands & thousands in revenue.

Depending on budget, we can also help with sourcing 3 min videos (again, which are relevant to your page/niche) and gaining the right permissions/contracts for you to post the 3 min+ videos, with ad breaks enabled - meaning you won’t receive any violations or copyright strikes from FB, as you’ll have all the right permissions and contracts for you to post the content. (This is super important, especially given the recent purge by FB which saw many people lose eligibility to post ad enabled content / and or receive reduced post reach on their page).

Having a page with a regular, relevant, ORIGINAL content schedule is 100% the most important thing on this platform, not only will you start to see growth & regular viewing numbers from your content schedule - but you will also start opening new doors for branded partnerships & relationships with some big brands/people, which can lead to some huge revenue opportunities. I am happy to discuss this throughout the campaign and guide on what we should be doing & or how we should be reaching out to certain brands & agencies.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a MONTHLY service and we will only be taking on a small number of clients at a time. This is to ensure that everything we do is to to the same standard as our own pages.

Why me?
I have been in the “social media game” for 10+ years and run various successful communities & brands on the internet & work with some of the biggest names & pages in the world. I love social media and I love the idea of my grand parents not understanding what I mean when I say my full time job is “posting videos on Facebook” :joy: (I’m sure a lot of you would have had this same conversation with your family!)

Over the past few months, I have had some great conversations with a lot of like minded people on SWAPD and I really think this service will free up a lot of time for some people & will hopefully help us all succeed in this ever changing game that we call social media!

My personal favourite achievement from this year so far is this baby…

SWAPD Testimonials:

If you are interested in discussing the service or have any questions, please feel free to PM me. When you PM me, please also include your page URL & what your goals are.


Are you interested in rev share? I have a successful page / app, which is making money already. Happy to share numbers and pay monthly based off that (If that is allowed by Swapd??)

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DM me :+1:

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Drop me a message :wink:

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PMed! Looking forward to discussing further :pray:

Some stats from YESTERDAY on Facebook, from one of our clients:

10 million+ views in 1 day and over 15k likes… :fire:

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I have PM’d you

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3k -5k per month?

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Pm with infos please

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Yep! For serious buyers only!

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Last 28 days for one of our clients… over 400 MILLION video views and well over $30k made in ad revenue :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Getting a lot of interest at the moment, so make sure you PM me & book in your service now while I have space!


Have you been redistributing content organically, or just playing with FB ads?

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I don’t use any ads or boost any content. Feel free to PM me for more info if you are interested!

Am interested please ping me

do you do this for youtube?

PMed everyone! :+1:


I wait for infos

PMed bro!

PMed you!