Get your own Wikipedia Page

Service type: Wikipedia Page.

Price: 1100$ (100% refundable + 30 days Money Back Guarantee!)

Description: I will create a Wikipedia page for you, The Wikipedia page service is for both individuals & brands.

Getting your own Wikipedia page is great for PR, credibility, SEO(google ranking), authenticity, and prestige to a brand, business or persona. Wikipedia page is used even for getting social handles verified! vf

How Wikipedia Page Works

  • In simple terms anything can have a Wikipedia page as long as it have notability and significant coverage in reliable source

  • Every Statement on Wikipedia page that is written must be cited, for ex: Donald Trump is the president of United States [1]

Requirements: the topic must be notable and have media mentions in at least five reliable source, Please read these:-

PM me your content & link of the media mentions to get your eligibility checked for free.

For additional security to buyers, even after the successful transaction, I’m providing 30 day money-back guarantee if i failed to resolve the issue.

Regards @Internet_lord :heart::100:


If you’re truly doing this for free, which would be amazing, we won’t charge any fees.


Thank You

Hi, does blogs considered “reliable media”?


I am interested in Wikipedia page.
Is this for individuals or for a brand or company?
What do you need from me in terms of links or content, etc.

The reliability of blog would depend upon certain factors such as:-

  • Domain Authority.
  • Whether if the blog have their own Wikipedia page.
  • Blog’s social media following.
  • Page Rank, Back-links & visitors etc

If you have any confusion related to Reliable Source

Read this article of Reliable source on Wikipedia

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The Wikipedia page service is for both individuals & companies.

first PM me the links of media mentions to get your eligibility checked. If you are eligible then i will ask for additional details.


Hi, I sent you a PM. Thanks!

sent you a pm

Just checked out and used this service @Swapd
@Internet_lord Delivered a Wikipedia page for me and my client and he couldn’t have been more helpful and professional in the whole process :slight_smile:

I definitely would recommend this service to other users, quick response, fast processing and precise on the editing. My page is now live on Google search with the #1 result :1st_place_medal:.

Will use again in future.
Thanks @Internet_lord!


Can confirm, user was able to create a wiki entry for his first client.


nice service - what’s stopping a wiki admin from just removing the article in a week or two? this happens a lot if an AFD notice is put on the page

@gxs179 - Good for you to mention this. That’s something we would like to know also.

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I need a wikipedia page for myself so it can help me get verified on fb / ig.

Can you make a page on my name if i provide you all the information to post? I don’t have any blog or website

still waiting for the seller to reply to my last messages. Seems like an overall nice person though

Thank you

Closed upon request.

Thank you for the review @danmediauk

@Alpha Thanks for reopening the thread.

I will make the Wikipedia page according to their community guidelines and standards, the page will be written in non-promotional and neutral point of view with appropriate citations from reliable sources, so that there would be low chances of getting AFD (Article for deletion) notice

In case if it got AFD notice (which have quite low probability) I will counter it using my multiple accounts as Sockpuppet which have different access levels such as “Auto-confirmed” and “Extended Confirmed”, I will apply for RFA (request for adminship) soon.

Additionally I’m providing 30 days money back guarantee after the transaction if I failed to resolve the issue

Regards @Internet_lord


So when you type your name in google , you come out on.the right side of the page saying who you are ?