★ Get Your Premium Website/Landing Page Designed With Webflow

Launching this Webflow landing page/website design service as I’m convinced I can help you launch your super clean website, or significantly upgrade it, in a matter of days/weeks.

I recently delivered my first premium landing page to a client:
KazaSwap.co // see testimonial below.

Currently building my second client project for a Padel club.
See proposed Homepage (in construction).

Price: depends on the complexity of your project.
Simple landing page: 600 USD // 2/3 days
A few simple pages in one language: 1k USD // 3/4 days
More complex websites: +1k USD (dm me for a full quote) // 1/2 week(s)
Recurring Webflow hosting costs: 29 USD/month

Revisions: I won’t deliver the website until you are fully satisfied with the end-result. I’m counting on your feedback every step of the way to make sure we are on the same page and going in the right direction. As such, you can ask for as many changes/revisions before the final delivery of the website.

In addition to the design, I also provide help on the content, texts, pictures, Call to actions etc… to make sure your website is super clear and will convert.

SEO: I follow all SEO best practices. Your pages will all be SEO-optimized.

Message me to discuss your website project and we can take it from there.

Payment terms: For the first few clients on Swapd, no prepayment is required until completion of your project (if you are ID verified).

Do you prefer having your website on Shopify or Wordpress? No problem.

Client testimonial:

Looking forward to learn about your website project. Happy to get started ASAP.