Get your Song, Challenge or Sound Viral on TikTok | Germany, Austria, Switzerland | German Influencer Agency | 20M+ Followers Reach | Easy Song Promotion Campaigns

Service type: Influence/Promotion Service for Artists/Labels/Promoters
Price: Only text us if you have a 1k+ Budget to spend for your Song or Sounds

I am working for a highly reputable influencer agency in Germany. We have a combined reach of 20M+ German Followers on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube Shorts and would like to offer SWAPD members direct access to the german influencer market in order to promote your or your client’s music in Germany. We offer hassle-free entry for all musicians into the german music market.

If you’re looking to effectively place your song in Germany, this is the way to go. We can guarantee to deliver fixed views on your sound, a fixed amount of videos spread among all creators, or just one video on the creator of your choice.

Universal Music, Warner Music, and even Sony continuously promote their Artists through our Creators and were never disappointed.

What do we need to know from the first message?
1. Link to your Song/Challenge or Sound on TikTok :white_check_mark:
2. Your Budget :white_check_mark:

How will we process it?

  1. Once you provided the sound + budget, we will send you a sheet with our creators
  2. We will talk back with our creators and let you know who wants to do a video with your sound/song based on your budget + estimated results
  3. If you agree, we will open a ticket and get your song on their profiles within 7 days!

Let’s do business!


Unique. Does it have to be music related or can you also promote apps/websites/etc.?


Can be anything! Feel free to message me

Send prices

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