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I’ve had great success on selling verifications here. Thank you everyone!

As the Facebook epidemic has killed the livelihood of a lot of good publishers, I’m here to sell something that’ll help you make a lot of money without being dependant on Facebooks mercy.

I have a venture of Google News websites and we make great money through it. We’re a team of Google News Experts who help websites get approved and advice on how to make great money through it. Most of us have had a website posting content at some point of our lives, wouldn’t it be super cool to have a news publication of your own which is indexed by Google and makes you good money.

We’ll also write high quality niche specific articles to get your website approved.

Google News Approval Service includes:

  1. Content Writing until Approval

  2. Creating Required Pages

  3. On-Page SEO

  4. Schema Markup

  5. Theme Customization

  6. AMP Setup

We’re also willing to provide you with a fresh niche oriented website of your choice, you choose the niche, we find the perfect domain, we setup everything on the website and start posting content. Which is then delivered to you after it’s approved on Google News.


Q. Thanks sweet sir Boogeyman for getting my site approved on Google News, how do I make money from it?
A. There are tons of things you could do with your google news approved website to make money. Our team sells guest posts to Crypto companies, we rack in good money through it. You can sell featured posts on your websites. People pay good money to be featured on a google news approved website. You can post content by spotting hot topics in Google Trends, your website will be ranked in top stories if the content written is unique and high quality.

Q. So does it give any kind of an Authority Status to my brand?
A. If you have a website listed in the Google News, you brand shall be viewed as the “Authority Site” of the niche you are based on. More and more people shall link themselves to your website and the same goes for bookmarking. For this, Google, as well as other search engines, will add rewards for your website with SERPs making it a win-win situation for both Google and your brand.

Q. Will It Increase My Websites Authenticity?
A. Google News listing doesn’t just get you larger traffic but also validates you as an authentic brand that can easily be trusted by the audience. With the name Google, people automatically associate authenticity and brand trust. This gives you a major advantage over your brand competitor especially when your customers feel that you own a genuine brand with great features that are accurate as per the requirement of the audience.

Q. I don’t know jack about SEO, is this any good for me?
A. The best thing about being listed over the Google News is the fact that you don’t have to work much on your SEO based rankings. Given the fact that your content part is strong, Google automatically assigns you the top ranks as per your performance with content. With Google News, your unique content is your merit. All you need to do is keep it short and informative with proper statistics and facts.

Q. What details do you need to get my site approved?
A. We’re currently only working with clients who have WordPress, if your website is hosted on WordPress, we’ll get it done. We’ll just need WordPress administrator login. We’re currently not accepting any other platform.

Q. What’s the success rate?
A. 100% Approval Guarantee

Q. Do you take all the money upfront?
A. No Pre-Payments
As soon as the ticket is created, I will begin my service. Once I complete the order, you will then send the money to SWAPD and they will send it to me. If you fail? Not happening. As the our success rate is 100%. There’s a full refund If I don’t get the job done.


  • Existing Website $2999
  • Fresh Niche Oriented Website: $3333

Delivery time for both services: 10-14 days

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.”
— Paul Samuelson


Nothing but good words for boogey. Looks like a promising service. GL.


Thank you bro! :raised_hands:

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It’s good to see such services here on swapd.Good luck with sales

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Thank you! :raised_hands:

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Got the first order! :call_me_hand:


nice service -good luck!

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I got a quick question, or two :slight_smile:

Has anyone ordered a website yet?

What niches do you recommend? - If I’m about to invest money upfront and time to write articles, i’d like it to be something I enjoy…

People like numbers, and so do I, how long will it be till I make the 3k i invested?

Feel free to contact me if these are questions you discuss in PM only, and I’ll remove the comment :slight_smile:

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I’m currently working on an order I got on here. I’ve sent you a DM. All of my clients manage to pull minimum $1k every month by pushing 300 articles on an average every month. I’ve done a lot of websites, will send over my portfolio!

Hey Boogey! If I just launched my website and I am working on generating the content for it. I see that

“We’ll also write high quality niche specific articles to get your website approved.”

Does this mean that you guys would write the articles for my brand new niche website to fill in the content so that I can get approved for Google News? How many articles is that?

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correct, we’ll post around 20-30 articles on your website, all related to your niche and content that google loves.

here’s all the stuff we deliver with the package:

  1. Content Writing until Approval (20-30+ fresh niche based articles)
  2. Creating Required Pages (privacy policy, xml site map)
  3. On-Page SEO (h1,h2 placement fixtures)
  4. Schema Markup (no code errors ever)
  5. Theme Customization (clean, neat, user friendly highly customisable theme that goes well with your website and niche)
  6. AMP Setup (70% of the traffic from google comes from AMP, if you don’t have it, you’re missing out big)

Another sale! Bump! :call_me_hand:

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Thanks for this great information, I’m looking for same info and I got this, this is best post I have came across, thank you again & keep up the great work.

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Thank you for your kind words, glad you liked the service! :raised_hands:

First successful transaction!! :call_me_hand:

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Can confirm! Good job :slight_smile:

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Are you still offering this service for existing sites that want to be google news approved?

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