Get Your Website Approved In Google News (Exclusively On SWAPD)


What are the requirements? Is there a guarantee? And what’s the turnaround time on it?

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I’ve mentioned everything on this thread, please read above.

Can you approve site to get to the News Now?


DM please.

just wanted to quickly endorse this service. i bought it through swapd and seller delivered exactly what was promised + more that he didn’t even have to do. also, he was very communicative the entire time, super flexible throughout and offered a lot of helpful tips and whatnot.

10/10 would recommend to anyone and i plan to use this service again in the near future.


Cheers, thank you!

Taking new orders with no-pre payments, pay only after the service has been rendered!

Interested in this

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Hey Boogey!

I’m intrigued by your service. I have a site in the education industry that targets international students and has about 1 million uniques a month. Would this be candidate for monetization? We currently used Adsense and want to be careful in how we affect that publishing revenue. Please PM with more details, would love to work with you.

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I’ve sent you a DM!

Yes, if you’re willing to cover news related to education, this should go smooth and bump up your traffic + revenue. Adsense is always preferred for a news website. I’ve sent you a DM.

Any website type?(Not adult site type)

Yep, just DM me your niche!

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I have a question how about a non English News website?

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Currently, I can’t get Non English News websites approved, I do plan on doing it in the future though!

Boogeyman, I am interested and I want to start checkout immediately. Please respond.

Just successfully went through with an order on this service; he delivered as promised, was very communicative, and super easy to work with. Thanks my friend.


Nice! Good luck :slight_smile:

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