➤ Get Yourself a FORBES USA CONTRIBUTOR/PROFILE ACCOUNT - With Ability to Publish - Ranks well on Google!

Our service : Walk you through the process of getting a profile on Forbes Author. This is the Forbes Council program !

Sample : Jonathan Cherki - Forbes Councils

ads-concept-2 Price : $4,150 GUARANTEED : We have an internal contact who can guarantee a profile to any person !

What is included in the program :

  • A profile for your name on Forbes that ranks very well on Google
  • The ability to publish bylined articles on Forbes
  • Monthly opportunity to be featured as an Expert

  • High-touch editorial and concierge support

  • Networking with other leaders members

  • Complimentary membership for yourself and 2 executives in EXEC, a highly curated hotel, travel, lifestyle, and business benefits program (https://www.joinexec.com/)

:alien: Our terms

  • Swapd fees are not included in the listed price (they are around 8% as we are VIP members there).
  • Payment can be made in : USDT, Bank wire, (BTC,ETH)
  • Forbes annual fee is to be paid to Forbes directly
  • We will need to issue an invoice at the end of our ticket. This is mandatory for legal reasons, you are not required to keep or archive it on your side.
Additionnal legal terms :
  • All information, data, text, graphics or other materials, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. You are solely responsible for any and all information and undertake to analyze and critically assess its content prior to having it submitted, sent, published, distributed or otherwise transmitted to or through Go Big or Grow Home agency.
  • Go Big or Grow Home agency does not claim ownership of the content you may post or publish. However, you grant Go Big or Grow Home agency a non-exclusive, non-transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, global and otherwise unlimited license to copy, modify, adapt, transmit, display, perform, distribute, create derivative works from and otherwise use such content, in whole or in part. These rights terminate when the ticket is closed.
  • Tickets, and all matters arising out of or relating to tickets, shall be governed by the French laws. The parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts of France and agree that all disputes between the parties shall be litigated only therein.
  • All sales are final.

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What is the Forbes annual fee?

please send me more details, I’m interested

Pl share details

PM’d to all

First client get a discount ! We have 3 potential buyers from now but no ticket made :slight_smile:

Big discount is over - We still offer $600 off for next 3 buyers on the regular price ! :rocket:

Forbes council cannot publish articles about other people or do mentions. You can only write about your specific industry and maybe once in a while promote your own company

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Yes you can if it’s well-made and you get an internal approval from a contact (we can help with that - on demand before ticket)
Here is an example : Tech Leaders Predict 15 Ways UX Design Will Soon Change :slight_smile:
It’s easier if mention is for members that are part of Forbes Council

Another example : How CIOs Can ‘Tune Up’ For The IT Composability Paradigm
Published by Bernadette Nixon (Forbes Council Member) and mention for Sonja Keerl

Only few spots available for May

How many articles can I publish with this account?

I am ready to get started. Here is my online press - Removed by STAFF

Hello, you can publish 4 articles per month !

Sure PM’d you

Interested, please pm details

Interested to learn about requirements

Whats the forbes annual fee ?


Already delivered on Swapd

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