Getting paid to share links: policy changes from facebook

How is everyone reacting to this? Is anyone changing their link posting strategy?

“6. Don’t accept anything of value to post content that you did not create or were not involved in the creation of, or that does not feature you.”


“Pages Policy
Don’t accept payment to drive traffic to an app or site that contains a disproportionate volume of ads relative to content, or ads that drive a negative user experience, such as ads that are highly sexual, visually shocking, or promote scams.”


Article in DigiDay about this:

I’m waiting til after march 1st to see how it shakes out, will suck if they kill it off, I think it make the platform more useful for so many people

Wait till March see if people can figure out.

Where does it say anywhere in Facebook’s official post that these changes will take place in March rather than in January when the policies were updated?